The Pepe and Pako Cross Country Adventure Series | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 62

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Today we will be chatting with the author of The Pepe and Pako Cross Country Adventure series which is an educational book that teaches geography & history in a super fun way. Come and listen to Karen Vasquez O’Donnell and learn Wow, Cool & Crazy facts about iconic places in the US that are taught through the traveling adventures of techie twin brothers who love to explore.

The characters and their adventures are based on her two boys, their pet dog Luna and their family trips.

With bright colorful illustrations, the book can be enjoyed by all ages.

-We will also chat with Karen about her beginnings in El Salvador.

-What led her to want to write the series,-how she came up w this particular series?

-What outcomes did she want to have happen from the series?

-Have those outcomes realized?

She might even read an excerpt from it!

Come listen and enjoy!