The Secret To Explosive Growth, Hitting Your Goals and More Success with Wally Bressler

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Have you ever wondered why some real estate agents are wildly successful and others just seem to plod along, never seeming to get any consistent momentum in their business?

Are successful agents just luckier than the rest of the agents out there? Or is it something that they possess that other agents also have, but never tap into?

Join me and my guest, Wally Bressler, as we talk about what makes the Top 10% of Agents out there so successful. It’s not about tricks or gimmicks or luck or anything like that. It has everything to do with what’s inside. The good news is is that it’s inside of every agent out there.

Wally has had the good fortune of being in the real estate industry for a little over 21 years. A 1990 graduate of Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, Wally started his business career on the customer service desk at Putnam Investments in Boston.

After eight years in corporate America, Wally decided that he wanted to put his sales skills and efforts to better use, receiving his real estate license in 1998. During his first 14 months in the business, he sold 77 houses and fell in love with helping people achieve their goals.

As his career progressed, Wally found his true passion in training and coaching and has been working in some capacity over the last 18 years helping agents across the United States and Canada build the businesses and lives of their dreams.

For the last 11 years, he’s been working with Kinder Reese Real Estate Coaching, helping agents become the true CEO of their real estate enterprises. While he loves the strategic and tactical sides of growing a real estate business, Wally’s true passion is the mental and emotional side of becoming a super successful entrepreneur. He currently lives in McKinney, TX and loves spending time with his four children, MaryFrances, Emma, Alex, and Caroline.