The Visiting International Teacher (VIT) Program | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 60

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Today we will be learning more about the VIT program which helps us meet the need for dual language /bilingual teachers and Spanish teachers. It also brings an international opportunity to our children to meet teachers from across the world and to get to know their culture!

We will be Skyping with Jessica Pruneda who oversees the Texas program at the Region 13 Educational Service Center in Austin. With her will be Silvia Diaz de Alda Sans, Education Advisor in the Spanish Education Office, also from the Region 13 Education Service Center.

Joining us in studio will be two of our teachers who are part of the VIT program who will share their experiences of getting into the program and coming all the way to Texas to teach!

Join us at 3pm to hear about this unique way of bringing the world to our scholars!