The Void Left Behind When Dad Leaves or is not Present | Ask Dr. B. Good Ep. 41

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We are back with Behavior Specialist (and Legacy Board Chair and President) Mr. Byron Ricks to continue our series on raising children in single parent homes.

He writes in his book that:

“Boys without fathers feel incomplete. Consciously or not, boys will try to fill the Void. This can manifest itself in many things – promiscuity, pornography, violent behaviors, drugs & alcohol, associating with the wrong crowd and other behaviors that give them short-term fulfillment.”

Today, we will delve into the void left behind when Dad leaves or is just not present. We will talk about the definition of what is meant by the void and behaviors that can manifest due to the void left behind when Dad is not present.

Mr. Ricks will also talk about how parents can help overcome the possibility of children succumbing to "void" behaviors and or how to work with children who are starting to enter into some of these void behaviors.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Ricks for using his own experience to help our parents understand better the ramifications of not allowing or having Dad in the lives of his children and also for helping our parents know what to do if they are currently in this situation.

From the book Searching for Dad by Byron Ricks – available on in an online form.

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