Turning Boys into Productive Men with Character | Ask Dr. B. Good Ep. 40

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This week we continue our series with Human behavior expert Byron Ricks (also our long time Legacy Board Chair/President!), on helping single parent families learn how to manage their sons more effectively.
He will share how to encourage your boy’s best instincts. When our instincts are properly encouraged, they help us become more productive social beings; however, some of our natural instincts require a measure of control to keep them from becoming self-destructive. Mr. Ricks explores:
• The natural longing for a father’s praise
• How being part of a whole family encourages young boys to contribute to their community (with the definition of what is "whole family")
• How fatherless boys can learn skills that foster productivity
• How to help a boy with his anger
• Community resources a parent can tap into to help with their child’s development

Come listen to hear how Mr. Ricks is using not only his own experience growing up in a single parent home but also using his behavior science training to help today’s single parent homes understand the socio emotional needs of their chil(ren). Strategies and action steps will be shared!