Unlocking the Future: How Women Are Key To Relationship Banking

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Step into a world where the synergy of female leadership and banking innovation creates a
dynamic shift. Join me and my guest Jenny Johnson from Encore Bank in a thought-
provoking conversation that delves into the transformative role women play in shaping the
landscape of relationship banking. Discover how their leadership, communication styles,
and collaborative approaches are essential in building stronger connections with clients and

During our conversation, we explored the unique perspectives, skills, and insights that
women bring to the financial industry and how their influence is pivotal in unlocking the full
potential of future banking relationships. Women do have an important role in shaping the
future of banking and Jenny will share what’s important to her and what makes Encore Bank

Bio-Jenny Johnson- Jenny is a Senior Vice President and the Collin County Market
Manager for Encore Bank. She joined the organization in 2021. Jenny has more than 20
years of financial services experience, including private, commercial, and business banking
as well as mortgage and wealth management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in
management and human relations from MidAmerica Nazarene University. Over the course
of Jenny’s banking career, her first priority is the financial success of her clients. To
manage the complexities of a business, owners surround themselves with people that they
depend on, and Jenny is always striving to be their trusted partner. Outside of banking
Jenny enjoys spending time with her family, watching her daughter involved in her different
athletic activities, reading, and enjoying time outside.