Unplug and Reconnect with Nature at Living at Pristine Heights in Roatán Honduras

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*NEW* Pristine Heights in Roatán Honduras the scoop with Realtor Alma Alden with Talk of the Town podcast host Sarah Crilley
In this episode of "Talk of the Town", host Sarah Crilley interviews Alma Alden, a realtor with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, who is selling property in Roatàn, Honduras. They discuss the luxurious location and amenities. They also talk about the ease of travel from Dallas Fort Worth, as it is only a three-hour direct flight.

Alma shares her background and experience in the real estate industry, emphasizing that real estate is one of the biggest investments a person can make. The episode ends with Alma sharing her contact information and promoting Real News Communications Network, a digital destination for video podcasts. www.launchashow.com www.realnewspr.com

Pristine Heights luxury condos in Próspera offer a unique opportunity to step into the future and join an inspiring community of entrepreneurs shaping the next generations while having all the amenities to relax and enjoy Caribbean tranquility.

Getting to Roatán’s international airport is convenient, with non-stop 3-hour flights from cities like Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami. Próspera and Pristine Heights are only a 20-minute drive from the airport, and Roatán’s largest grocery store, hospital, and 3 pharmacies are all within a 15-minute drive. Luxury Realtor Alma Alden shares insight into Pristine Heights.