Wendy Michaelis, MAC TheAirQualityQueen | The Mike McGavel Jones Show Ep.49

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Today on The Mike McGavel Jones Show, Wendy Michaelis, MAC Aka "TheAirQualityQueen" aims to truly make a difference in the lives of others. It’s been a culmination of gained knowledge from years and years of business consulting, trial and error and studying, contaminates, bio-toxins, and biochemistry. The company she has created was not an off the shelf business and has taken her the last 7 years to develop. Now offering Residential and Commercial, Environmental Inspections to determine what is causing people to be sick in their space. Wendy has developed a fast affordable way to ensure you and your families home air quality is safe secure and toxin free!

Public Speaker, Educator, Asthma & Allergy Patient Advocate, Certified in IAQ & Licensed Mold Assessment Consultant