Carly Burson | Legends in Leadership | Episode 40

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Carly Burson is the Founder & CEO of Tribe Alive, an ethical fashion brand focused on moving the industry toward a more sustainable approach, while educating and meaningfully employing artisan men and women. Tribe Alive was born from Carly’s decision to utilize her years of experience in the fashion industry as a platform to alleviate poverty. In four years, Tribe Alive has grown from employing 4 female makers in Honduras, to supporting 8 artisan design cooperatives in 5 different countries, where over 250 people are sustainably employed. Utilizing her drive for social justice and years of experience in the fashion industry, Carly shares her passion for activism, social enterprise, and impact consumerism as a means to empower women. She believes that business should only be used as a platform for positive change and that elevating women and girls is the only way to guarantee a brighter future.