Hana Worede | CEO Money Episode 92

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Hana Worede is the co-founder of Bilquis.

Bilquis is an authentic Ethiopian brand of Tej that recently launched! Bilquis is Hana’s life and passion. In creating Bilquis, she has an opportunity to not only share this special cultural gift with the world but to also do good beyond the glass-sharing of the selfless, open-handed, and giving spirit of my culture. With every bottle sold, Hana would like to give back.

Hana started this company a little over 5 years ago where her inspiration stemmed from a missionary trip she had taken upon graduation from dental school. As a practicing dentist she worked in several clinics and was exposed to what was truly lacking in the country. Upon my return, her partner, Mehret Gebre Sims, approached her with this great idea and they decided to start this company with hopes of having the means to give back.

Bilquis is currently being sold in the state of Texas.

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