Riggs Eckelberry | CEO Money Episode 89

“Clean water is in crisis worldwide”, says co-founder Riggs Eckelberry, “and the big centralized projects won’t arrive in time, nor do we have the billions to do it.” The solution? Drop-in-place systems, installed right where industrial water is used. And Eckelberry, who came up through the dot-com, is creating a new kind of player in water: agile, disruptive, and acquiring the right technologies to execute on the Drop-In-Place Revolution. Riggs Eckelberry became CEO of the new company in 2007, which went public rapidly. Before that, Riggs helped achieve major funding and a NASDAQ listing for CyberDefender Corporation. In the early 2000s, he specialized in commercializing high-technology companies, such as in 2004, helping to reinvent YellowPages.com, resulting in its sale for $100 million to SBC/BellSouth, and in 2003, creating US market share for European antivirus company, Panda Software. During the high-tech boom of the 1990s, Riggs built a global software brand, CleanSweep, and helped achieve the sale of two Internet startups to public companies. Riggs Eckelberry’s is an avid skier and sailor; his formation was in the non-profit sector and as a professional mariner, and he holds an oceangoing master’s license (inactive).

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