School Safety | Ask Dr. B Good, Ep. 47

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Today we will revisit School Safety and how it’s changed over the last 10 years (or so). Staci Weaver, retired police Officer and current school operations senior director will lead us through the school safety requirements. We will also share what’s in place to make the buildings secure.

Other topics today include:

-New safety guidelines passed by the 2019 legislative session and signed by Gov. Abbott

-Different types of drills (and how those have changed during the years)

-Standard Response Protocol- Lockdown, lockout, shelter, hold. We will talk about when each is appropriate and what the procedures are when it’s time to practice them.

-Active shooter required drills- The language has not been released, but a requirement of 4 a year is being discussed.

-School Marshal/Guardian-funding and guidelines

Parents, we hope when we are done you will feel that Legacy has gone over and above the required safety requirements so that safety is not an issue to worry about at our schools.