Month: January 2019

BorderBattle v. BeachBattle, EducatingAlexandria & IdentityPolitics 1.14.19

Welcome to the first show at our new studio at RNCN! Same truth about America’s unique greatness! Today, what is the border battle really about? What do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and millions of others fail to understand? Also, defending Trump because he fights. Follow me for more @DebbieCanWeTalk

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Episode 21: Talking Baseball with Eric Nadel

The Texas Rangers, simply put, are more than just a baseball team. They’re an institution. In their 58 years rounding the bases they’ve seen it all. Wins, losses, victories, and defeats. And while the Rangers have had a few mainstay players that have stuck around for a while, almost nobody’s been there as long as…

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Episode 20: New Year, New Auctions

Every year United SCS has a lot of big plans. And for good reason – United SCS moves some of the biggest auctions in the world. And 2019 is no different. Which is why on this week’s episode of The Mike McGavel Jones Show, Mike’s inviting Mark Woodling back into the studio to talk about…

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