Pet’s Resort Dallas | Your Pets Radio™ Episode 8

A new week means a new episode!!

Being a pet owner, we have all had the delimma of having to find a place to care for our dogs when we travel. This week we sit down with Pet Resort Dallas as they take us behind the scenes of their beautiful facility and discuss of all the things they do to treat your pet like one of their own. You don’t want to miss this one! #pets #active #animals #catlover #doglover #animallover #ilovemydog #ilovemypet
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Rob Whittle | CEO Money – Episode 14

Who is Rob Whittle? He’s the Executive Vice President and Co-Found of Qmage, a revolutionary digital imagery company that’s developed the technology to allow a single image to contain video, audio, text, e-commerce links, augmented reality, and more, all securely hosted on the Qmage platform. Needless to say it’s a robust platform, and Qmage is focused on changing the digital climate with their revolutionary platform. And today on CEO Money, Rob’s sitting down with Michael to talk about how Qmage is doing it, why their so laser-focused on changing the world, and what their tech may mean for the future of digital technology.

To find out more about Qmage, visit their website at www.qmage.net.

Eleonore Pieper | 3rd Eye Thinkers – Episode 42

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Join Megan Benanti & Michelle Welch live today at 4:00PM as we discuss The New Era Elements Tarot with Eleonore Pieper.