Sandra Kemayou & Alex McCarthy | CEO Money – Episode 16

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Who is Sandra Kemayou? She’s a business coach extraordinaire with over two decades of experience. She’s known as the Business Accelerator, and she’s got the unique ability to drastically transform businesses in a matter of minutes! And who is Alex McCarthy? He’s the Founder and CEO of CheerLife, the only social platform that connects cheerleading athletes with coaches and trainers all over the world. And what do these two have in common? Today on CEO Money, Michael’s sitting down with Sandra and Alex to find out!

To find out more about Sandra Kemayou, visit her website at www.SandraKemayou.com.

To find out more about CheerLife, visit their website at www.CheerLife.co.

Holiday Woes and Emoji Pros | Second Shot – Episode 107

If working is dinner, then retirement is dessert. Or at least it would be, if nursing homes weren’t so expensive. One man found a cheaper alternative though, and it’s a Holiday of an idea. Also, is it ever okay to use emoji’s in the workplace? Step aside Millennials, because Heath Oakes has the answer on this week’s episode of Second Shot!

Pizzas and Goodbyes | The Lunch break – 03012019

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March 1st, 2019: News & Weather in Under 5 min

Here’s a look at news and weather in under 5 min with Digital Correspondent Sarah Strackhouse and Meteorologist Cash Payne! #news #weather #digitalcorrespondent #meteorologist #realnewscommunicationsnetwork #rncn

Experts say opioid crisis can decrease with new laser treatment in North Texas

A new FDA cleared laser treatment is now in North Texas. Experts say Phoenix Thera Lase is a powerful device that can regenerate tissue and speed up any injury and soreness recovery. Real News Communications Network’s Digital Correspondent Sarah Macias talks with a former semi pro athlete about this treatment and how it made a noticeable difference in his daily life.

The Art of Craft Beer with Michael Peticolas | Coffee with Claire – Season 3, Episode 6

On today’s episode of Coffee With Claire we are learning about craft beer!

According to several reliable internet sources including Brewfanatics and the craft brewery.org, here’s a compilation of the top ten reasons why you should drink craft beer.

1. Craft beer tastes better.
2. More alcohol.
3. Less trips to the bathroom!
4. Health benefits!
5. More choices.
6. Less expensive.
7. Less calories.
8. Better ingredients.
9. Supporting the local economy.
10. Environmentally sustainable.

We are thrilled to welcome back to Coffee with Claire Michael Peticolas. Michael is a fifth-generation Texas trial attorney and owner/operator of Dallas’ Peticolas Brewing Company. After practicing law for a decade, Michael turned to his passion for craft beer. Since 2011, Peticolas Brewing Company has won numerous local and national awards, and is an established craft beer industry leader in Texas.

Stay tuned to hear more about the current craft beer buzz!

Design Your Life – EP.1

Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and get inspired! Women entrepreneurs hold a special place in Ruby Bhandari’s heart. In this first episode of Design Your Life, Ruby introduces you to the talented and empowered owner of Dallas Palms, Nadia Bashir as she shares over a cup of green tea how she designed her life! She started out of her garage and grew her business to a beautiful full-service event venue! Learn how to become an entrepreneur from the very beginning from Nadia’s story. Ruby believes learning from women and connecting through stories is essential in her recipe for success. There is something for everyone in this episode!

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Interview with the Experts: "Momo Challenge"

Have you heard of the "Momo Challenge"? It’s a creepy video circulating the web telling kids how to harm themselves. Digital Correspondent Sarah Strackhouse News speaks to Licensed Professional Counselor Leigh Richardson, founder of The Brain Performance Center, about the video, what parents need to know, and signs to look out for when it comes to anxiety and depression.


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Todd Dauphinais with Clavis Capital Partners | Legends in Leadership – Ep.21

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On today’s episode of Legends in Leadership we welcome Todd Dauphinais, the founder and Managing Partner of Clavis Capital Partners, a unique, operationally oriented Private Capital firm based in Dallas that focuses exclusively on control investments in the lower and middle market manufacturing and industrial services sectors.
To date, Clavis Capital has raised and deployed approximately $250 million in investment capital across six acquisitions over four platforms (aerospace, precision manufacturing, infrastructure and industrial distribution). Tune in to find out how Todd Dauphinais became a Legendary Leader.

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Pet’s Resort Dallas | Your Pets Radio™ Episode 8

A new week means a new episode!!

Being a pet owner, we have all had the delimma of having to find a place to care for our dogs when we travel. This week we sit down with Pet Resort Dallas as they take us behind the scenes of their beautiful facility and discuss of all the things they do to treat your pet like one of their own. You don’t want to miss this one! #pets #active #animals #catlover #doglover #animallover #ilovemydog #ilovemypet
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