When Home Doesn’t Work Anymore What Are The Next Steps? | Acappella Podcast – Episode 48

On this episode Jo talks with Joyce Logan and Patty Williams from Ruby Care Senior Living Advisors, about what to do if your home doesn’t work anymore.

Salutatorians | Ask Dr. B. Good, Ep. 87

Today we will be talking about upcoming Legacy events like summer school. We will continue our student series And will be chatting with the salutatorians from both campuses!

Some of the questions that we will ask them are about
what does it take to get to that spot in a high school?
Did your family/parents help you in any way develop these traits?
Has COVID impacted you in any way?
Are you going to college? Where? Why that one?
What are your life goals?
How has Legacy helped you to achieve these goals?
What do you think of our upcoming graduation ceremony?
Come and enjoy hearing from more top scholars at Legacy this year!

Work, Life Balance with Didi Wong | Beyond 20/20 Vision – Episode 4

Serial entrepreneur, TV producer, Angel investor, and supermom to four grade school children Didi Wong’s secret to successfully balance the demands of her various businesses and time for her family, especially during this Covid-19 lockdown. She makes it look easy!

To find out more, visit: DidiWong.com

Real News PR – ARAWC Highlight Reel

Real News PR ARAWC Highlight Reel

To find out more visit arawc.org.

Air Conditioning Maintenance ft. Brent & Jeni Garrett | Community Cocktails with Kimberly Episode 36

As temperatures continue to rise, it’s extremely important for homeowners to make sure their air conditioning unit is properly maintained.

Brent and Jeni Garrett join me to share their tips on how to keep your air conditioning unit running efficiently all year round!

For more information, please visit:



Sandi Glandt | The Jeff Crilley Show

On this episode of The Jeff Crilley Show, Jeff welcomes Productivity Coach, Sandi Glandt.

Tiffany Beaudine | The Jeff Crilley Show

On this episode of The Jeff Crilley Show, Jeff welcomes Tiffany Beaudine of Rainbow Days.

BlackBoxStocks | The Jeff Crilley Show

On this episode of The Jeff Crilley Show, Jeff welcomes David McKay and Eric Pharis from BlackBoxStocks.

Covid Innovation at N. Tx. Food Bank | Trisha Cunningham: Ep. 80

Trisha Clark Cunningham, President & CEO of N. Tx. Food Bank, reminds us that “hunger isn’t hidden anymore.” 40% of those in crises hunger are first timers receiving food. Texas has the 2nd highest number of people with food insecurity in the US – behind CA. Car lines are up to 2 miles long waiting to receive the more than 60,000 kits of food each week. A woman intent to be #1 in the car line, waited from 1:30AM until the food began distribution at 9AM.

The stories are heartfelt and humbling. Yet, Trisha shares the hope that is grounded in her determination to overachieve in food delivery for those in need.

Don’t miss hearing the stories of how the N. Tx. Food Bank’s innovation has been born from crises. Their processes, success and outcome will serve as a roadmap for others to follow in the future.

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Robby Peters | The Jeff Crilley Show

On this episode of The Jeff Crilley Show, Jeff welcomes Robby Peters of Gleneagles Country Club.